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Welcome to CERES, the Coalition of Earth Religions for Education and Support. We are a broad umbrella group of Earth Religionists, including Pagans, Heathens, and practitioners of various other earth-based spiritual paths. 

We work to network our spiritual community, educate the wider community about the nature of our religions, and aid those among us who find themselves in need of social services.

We meet monthly to discuss issues of concern to the community, sponsor a monthly Pagans’ Night Out as well as various other events, and are available as a resource to the media and others who wish to know more about our ways and practices.

We welcome Earth Religionists of all paths, and serve as a primary point of contact for newcomers to the region as well as those who are seeking to connect with others of like mind. The various sections of this website contain much information—look around, and also feel free to contact us via email.

Please note that parts of the site are still under construction. Contact us if you need more information.



Thanks to Jesse Wolf Hardin for the gift of his artwork